How does it works?

Spy software 007 is a program that you install on a mobile phone which after installation secretly records events that happen on the phone and delivers this information to your mobile phone via SMS. Spy software 007 also allows you to listen to the surroundings of the target mobile, listen to a live phone conversation and lets you know the location of the device.


You doubt your daughter is in a wrong company and you want to keep a track on her activity. So what do you do?

Our Spyphone has an answer to this : All you have to do is to gift her a phone loaded with our software. So now whenever your daughter picks up a phone and talks to someone, you get a message stating that she has called the mentioned number. You dial in your daughters number and you CAN LISTEN TO THE CONVERSTAION LIVE!. You will get a copy of all the messages that she sends or receive. You can know the LOCATION where she is moving around & listen to the surrounding when the phone is idle.

Call Interception is the ability to listen in to an active phone call on a target mobile phone. When any calls to or from this numbers occur on the target phone, SpyPhone Software will send a secret SMS to your mobile. You can now call the target mobile and listen in to the live call.

Send secret SMS to the target phone to control all functions. You don’t need to physically access the phone for any feature not related to installation.

You make a spy call to the target phone and listen in to the phones surroundings. This does not allow you to listen to the phone conversation in progress. Please check Call Interception for the Call Tapping feature.

The phone with SpyPhone Software on it is the target phone. The phone you make spy calls from is the monitor phone. When you call the target phone from the monitor phone, the target phone will answer the call silently, letting you listen to the phones surroundings. If the phone is busy or a key is pressed, the spy call will be disconnected, and the target will be none the wiser.

Cheating is as old is human society. Cheats have existed since ancient days. Now cheating has moved into a new dimension with the latest science and technology. Statistics say that 85% and 50% of people who feel their lover is cheating - are right. If you have suspicions, warnings or signals of infidelity by your spouse or partner, consider our SPYPHONE SOFTWARE to find out for Sure. Most affairs directly involve mobile phones, and SpyPhone allows you to listen to phone calls, read SMS and turn the phone on at key times to listen to the phones surroundings like a microphone.

YSpyPhone Software records all SMS sent and receive on the Target Phone then sends them to your mobile phone.

If someone is trying to cover their tracks by changing the SIM card in the target phone, the phone number will change and you will not know what number to call to make a spy call too. SpyPhone Software offers SIM change notification where you will receive a SMS (text message) if the SIM card changes. Now you will know the new number and can continue to make spy calls.

Call Conferencing and Call Waiting’’ must be activated on the network SIM card used inside the TP. To activate Call Conferencing please call the network provider and ask them to activate this feature.